11 Year Old Entrepreneur Roles the Dice!

11 Year Old Entrepreneur Roles the Dice!11 Year Old Entrepreneur Roles the Dice!

These days we all have multiple password protected accounts on various websites. If we come up with our own password it is usually either so easy to remember that it is also easy to figure out by hackers, or it is so complicated that no one could hack it, but you won’t remember it either. This leaves us having to get our password reset because we cannot remember it and then we are back to square one trying to come up with a new password.

Coming up with something secure which is easy to remember is the challenge, but Mira Modi, an 11 year old entrepreneur from NYC may have the answer. This sixth grader uses the Diceware system to come up with a 5 digit number by rolling a pair of six-sided dice. Each dice roll is one digit out of the 5. The result is a 5 digit number which corresponds to a specific word on a list of easy to remember words.

For $2.00 Dollars Mira give you a 6 word password. Of course once receiving it, you will have to make a few changes of your own such as changing a letter to a capital and adding a symbol. Emailing the password or storing it on her computer would be putting it at risk for being hacked which defeats the purpose of having it to begin with. Because of this Mira writes the password down on a piece of paper and snail mails it to her customers.

Those who had to try to recover their information or even money due to being hacked understand the importance of a secure password which is easy to remember. Both these things is exactly what Mira provides. Watch out for Mira Modi. She may decide to pursue a career in digital security. In the mean time, get your secure password: Click Here.

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