2015 Toy Fair!

2015 Toy Fair!2015 Toy Fair!

Every February, thousands of people head to the annual American International Toy Fair in New York City to see some of the greatest new toys from all over the world. This year’s Toy Fair was the 112th, and huge toymakers like Lego and Hasbro were there to show off their new creations—and what a lot of creations there were!

Lego displayed 331 new sets, including Star Wars, Batman, spies and Jurassic World, while Mattel and Hasbro filled whole floors with their new toys. Hasbro unveiled their huge Indominus Rex, which has been kept secret until now. The Indominus Rex is part of the Jurassic World, and is a fearsome mix of the genes of several different dinosaurs. Mattel showcased their new Hello Barbie, which can connect to the internet and let kids actually have a ‘conversation’ with Barbie.

Some of the most interesting toys at the Fair were the high-tech and space-related ones. For the past four years, Space.com attended the toy fair to pick the winners of the Space Age Awards. Check out a few winners below.

Best High-Tech Toy

Uncle Milton’s Force Trainer II uses a tablet and a headset to project a hologram of “Jedi-training tasks.” The headset actually measures your brain waves, letting you control the holographic game pieces with your mind! The different challenges are all taken from actual scenes from the six movies. Use the force…

Flying Drones

The Sky Viper Drone from Sky Rocket is perfect for people just learning how to fly a drone. It is not very expensive, and it includes a camera for taking birds-eye photos or videos while you buzz around the backyard.

Do-it-Yourself Science

The Remote Control Machines: Space Explorers, from Thames & Kosmos makes it easy to build your own robot—while you learn about space! The kit comes with a description of different Mars rovers and instructions and the parts so you can build your own.

What new toys are you hoping to get to play with this year?

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