Abby Wambach–A True Champion

Abby Wambach--A True ChampionAbby Wambach–A True Champion

Abby Wambach has had a great year!  This year, her team won the FIFA World Cup, and Time Magazine called the champion soccer player one 100 most influential people in the world. After her whirlwind few weeks, Abby recently took some time out to talk to some very important people—the Citi Kids!

Abby first started playing soccer when she was four years old. She had six brothers and sisters (she was the youngest!) and says that growing up with so many siblings was like growing up on a team. Everyone loved each other, and they also challenged each other to do their best. Abby kept on playing sports all through school, and would even stay after practice in high school to work on her diving headers.

Her dedication paid off, and Abby Wambach is now a World Cup Champion. Abby is not new to winning—she has already won two Olympic Gold Medals, was named the 2012 FIFA World Player of the Year, and won the US Soccer Athlete of the Year Award six times! But winning the World Cup, she says, is something she has been working toward for her entire life. She says, she’s proud of the win, and hopes to inspire other kids like herself.  “I want to show young girls if you have hopes and dreams, you can absolutely achieve some of those hopes and dreams. It’s a responsibility to yourself.”

Abby shared her ideas on her success at the Citi Kids event in New York a few weeks ago. The Citi Kids event was founded to help kids find and follow their dreams, and Abby was honored to be a part of the celebration. “It means the world to me to be someone who can stand up and speak about who I am authentically,” she said before the event. “I think it’s very rare these days that you can be so good at something, popular in some ways and still be true to yourself, and I pride myself on that.”

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