Best Websites for ASL, Videos and Games!

Best Websites for ASL, Videos and Games!Best Websites for ASL, Videos and Games!

If you like to play games and keep up on fun events and news, then these great websites are for you. And some of them have made some cool new changes!

Deaf Nation

Deaf Nation is full of videos with news, celebrities and events. The videos are in ASL, some with captions, and many of them are very short. You can catch up on the news or check out what’s happening at the DeafNation Expo. Nyle DiMarco even did an interview with them! Deaf Nation also follows international events and sporting events, like the Deaflympics and World Deaf Basketball Championship.


You may have already heard of D-PAN. Musician Sean Forbes co-founded D-PAN (The Deaf Professional Arts Network) as a way to make music more available to deaf and hard of hearing people.

D-PAN was already pretty cool, but now they’ve gotten even better. Sean and his friends have created D-PAN TV. D-PAN TV offers news in both American Sign Language and with captions. They also have fun, original content, like “Sean Forbes from the Future” doing Today in History, news and interviews.

Deaf Planet

Deaf Planet is about the adventures of Kendra, Max and Wilma. Kendra is a deaf teenage girl, who meets Max when his spaceship crashes on her planet. Wilma is a robot. Its name stands for Wonderful Indispensable Language Machine, and it interprets (explains what someone is saying) for Max.

On the website, you can watch videos about the friends or play games. There are eighteen different games to choose from, where you can race or solve puzzles to get the high score! Or put on your lab coat and try one of their cool experiments.

The Buzz

At the Buzz, you can play games, watch videos, and connect with other deaf and hard-of-hearing kids all around the country. They have lots of different games, including Flappy Bird’s copy, Flapping Bird!  You can also learn about amazing deaf kids, fun events, and news from the deaf community. The Buzz has a site for kids 8-11 and one for kids 12-18, so it’s sure to have something cool for you!

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