Cycling For Science

Cycling For ScienceCycling For Science

How do you hope to share your great ideas with the world? On April 17, two students will begin following their dreams on a cross-country bike trip, traveling almost 4000 miles to teach middle school students about renewable energy and encourage more girls to think about becoming scientists.

Rachel Woods-Robinson and Elizabeth Case met when they were taking a physics class in college. They became friends, and they learned that they both wanted to help create more renewable energy sources, like solar power. They also both loved cycling, and they decided to combine those two passions to spread the word about science and sustainable energy in a fun and interesting way. So, they created the Sol Cycle.

The Sol Cycle is a miniature solar-powered bike designed by the two girls.  It was made using a 3D printer, and it will be part of the science lesson taught at the ten schools  Rachel and Elizabeth plan to visit on their cross-country journey. The girls are working with professional teachers to create lesson plans that fit around the bicycle, and will even release the design files online so people can create their own Sol Cycle.

Besides spreading the word about sustainable energy, Rachel and Elizabeth also hope to encourage more people—especially girls—to pursue a career in science. When the two girls first entered college, they did not plan on being scientists. Rachel was studying music and Elizabeth was hoping to be a writer. But when they met in a physics class their freshman year, they learned how exciting science can be. Now they want to give other kids the chance to fall in love with it.

The girls’ cross-country trip will take about three months, and will go through the northern part of the U.S. from San Francisco to New York.  To raise money for the trip, Rachel and Elizabeth started an Indiegogo fund, asking people to contribute money if they believed in their dream. So far, they have raised more than $6000—meeting their goal with room to spare!

To follow their journey, click here!

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