Dan Schneider–Kid’s TV Show Creator!

Dan Schneider--Kid's TV Show Creator!Dan Schneider–Kid’s TV Show Creator!

Do you love shows like iCarly, Drake & Josh, and Victorious? Then you should thank Dan Schneider! Dan Schneider is the mind behind some of Nickelodeon’s top shows, and a lot of actors got their start on his shows.

Dan has been creating TV shows for twenty years, and he also helped many young actors find their way to stardom. He says he always wanted to write and produce shows, but he actually got his start in acting. Dan played a role on the show Head of the Class, and it was there he decided he wanted to write shows, and not just act in them. He says, “I felt like, Don’t just be a passenger on the ship. Learn how to captain the ship. Learn how to drive. Learn how to write. Learn how to produce.”

While he was acting on the Head of the Class, Dan says he studied the directors to learn how things worked. Finally, he wrote an episode of the show himself, even though no one had asked him to. He took a chance and showed the episode idea to the producers of the show, and they loved it! They bought the show from Dan, and his career had begun.

Dan says that working as a teen actor has helped him to understand other young actors, and what it feels like to be in front of a camera. Sometimes he will help the actors with their lines, sort of like an acting coach. “The actors will come to me and say, ‘Dan, I don’t feel like I’m making this funny. How can I make this funny? How should I say this?’”

One cool thing about Dan Schneider’s shows is that even though they are made for kids, they are also smart, and full of good writing and jokes. Dan wants his shows to live on, and for people to be able to enjoy them not matter how old they are!

Check out Dan Schneider’s website, where you can find out what’s going on with his shows, watch videos, and get some behind-the-scenes treats!

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