Danica Patrick – NASCAR Driver and Yoga Lover

Danica Patrick - NASCAR Driver and Yoga LoverDanica Patrick – NASCAR Driver and Yoga Lover

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick may have one of the most exciting jobs in sports! Driving a race car at speeds more than 200 miles per hour takes skill and concentration. It also takes calm, something Danica finds by doing yoga.

Danica first started doing yoga when she was training in England to be a race car driver. She was 19 years old at the time. Danica, who is now 23, stopped doing yoga for a little while, because she felt like she should do more intense workouts. But when she was on a trip with some friends last year, they talking her into trying it again. She loved it, and now she’s back on the yoga mat! In fact, she has even created a special place in her house to practice yoga.

“I was like, I need this back in my life again. It’s relaxing,” Danica says.  She also says the special breathing used during yoga helps her during the race, when she needs to keep a cool head. “I think breathing is probably the one thing I really do use from yoga in the race car. When things get tense, it’s in through the nose and out through the mouth. It’s longer breaths, and that inevitably calms your heart rate and calms you down.”

Danica also has a new sponsor this year that suits her healthy yoga lifestyle. She has teamed up with Nature’s Bakery, who make healthy snacks, and will be wearing their blue colors for the first 28 races of the season. There are 36 races in the NASCAR season, and she’ll be sharing the last eight with two other sponsors. Having a sponsor is important, because it proves that you are a talented and serious driver.

Now, Danica is starting her season off strong, with the calming breaths of yoga to help keep her on track!

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