Deaf Rapper Sean Forbes is Carving a Niche’ in the Hip-Hop Scene!

Deaf Rapper Sean Forbes is Carving a Niche’ in the Hip-Hop Scene!Deaf Rapper Sean Forbes is Carving a Niche’ in the Hip-Hop Scene!

When it comes to new artists on the hip-hop scene, very few are as hot as Sean Forbes! In 2010, this rapper from Detroit signed a two record deal with Web Entertainment, the same label that launched superstar Eminem’s hip-hop career. Starting in 2012, Sean went on a sixty-city tour where he performed for over 150,000 concert goers including a sold out show at the House of Blues in Los Angeles. Now he’s recording his second album.

When Sean was just a few months old he became deaf, probably from spinal meningitis. Sean was born into a musical family and was surrounded b music. His mother was a pianist and his dad played in a rock band. Sean received his first drum set when he was five years-old, “From that moment on, I wanted to be a rock star!” Sean said. By age ten, he was writing and producing songs using his parents’ camcorder and VCR. After meeting Jeff Bass in 2010, he released his first video, “I’m Deaf”, which had over 650,000 YouTube hits and led to his contract signing with Web Entertainment!

Sean doesn’t see himself as a deaf rapper, but as an entertainer. He creates something that can be enjoyed by both deaf and hearing fans alike. Deaf people can hear music through the vibrations on their skin, and hip-hop, with its driving beats and thumping base, has become a favorite in the deaf community. Sean signs along with the beat as well, telling a story with his hands in a rhythmic flow. He likes to say he “paints a picture with his hands.”

When Sean started touring in 2008, the majority of his fans were deaf, however his fans are a 50/50 split between deaf and hearing alike. Sean likes to be seen as a bridge that closes the gap between the two cultures. Sean has burst onto the hip-hop scene and broken down many barriers, proof that good music and talented artists will reach all types of people!

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