Deaf Women in Film

Deaf Women in FilmDeaf Women in Film

Almost 25 years ago, Marlee Matlin won an Academy Award for her role in Children of a Lesser God. She was only 21 years old at the time, and she was the first deaf actor to win the award!

Now we see many deaf actors and actresses on TV and movies (Ryan Lane and Katie Leclerc are two of the best known), and Jules Dameron wants to make sure we see more. Dameron is a deaf filmmaker, and she started the blog Deaf Women in Film to help deaf actresses find each other so they can share their advice and experiences in the acting business. The blog grew into a popular website, and now it is a great way for filmmakers to find deaf and hearing impaired women to work on their films—either in front of the camera or behind it.

Deaf Women in Film is a good resource for film makers, but you don’t have to be a director to enjoy the site! The website is full of interviews with deaf actresses, camera operators and even makeup artists! You can watch an interview with Tia Albert, a professional makeup and special effects artist. She shares tips and stories about what it’s like working on a movie set—including having to learn how to do hairstyles at the last minute!

If you are hoping to get into acting yourself one day, you might like the video interview with Lexi Marman. She grew up acting and has spent years going to auditions, and her list of Dos and Don’ts is full of tips for any hopeful actor. Some of her advice? Promote yourself, get good headshots, show up at auditions early and remember to thank everyone who helps you along the way.

Or, if being behind the camera sounds like what you want to do, you can read an article by Jules Dameron herself about what a cinematographer really does, and how you can become one! Whether you are deaf or hearing, Deaf Women in Film is an excellent site for real stories by woman working in film!

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