Denver Broncos Win the Superbowl!

Denver Broncos Win the Superbowl!Denver Broncos Win the Superbowl!

On February 7th, the Broncos rode to victory as the winners of the 2016 Super Bowl! This year’s game was played between the Denver Broncos and the Caroline Panthers, and what a great game it was! The game wrapped up with a score of 24-10, proving that the best offense is a good defense.

The Broncos can thank Coach Wade Phillips for helping lead them to victory. Phillips created some amazing defensive plays and plans that have proven he is a brilliant game planner. Under his lead, the Denver Broncos ran a tight defensive game that kept Panther’s Cam Newton sweating. Newton, who is the NFL MVP, and the rest of his team were held back by the Broncos’ defense, which included intense zone-coverage and man-to-man tactics. The Broncos defenders showed great teamwork, and their defensive line and outside linebackers stalled the Pathers’ offensive line right at the point of attack.

Cam Newton might have hoped that wearing gold shoes before the game would bring him luck, but his luck didn’t last long. Broncos Von Miller, who was awarded the MVP for the game, seemed to be everywhere—including on top of Newton. Miller stripped Newton twice during the game, one time winning a touchdown and another time setting up for a touchdown play. Newton got no rest during the game, and was sacked six times between Miller and DeMarcus Ware. In all, the Broncos sacked the Panthers seven times, which is the most sacks ever made by one team in the Super Bowl.

Peyton Manning, who has been recovering from an injury that shortened his season, may be calling this Super Bowl his last game. He has been talking about retiring from the sport, but if he does, he can leave very happy. This game saw Manning win his second NFL championship, and he has already won five MVP awards.

“I feel very, very grateful” Manning said. “… Obviously, it’s very special to cap it off with a Super Bowl championship.”

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