Garbage Gone Glam

Garbage Gone GlamGarbage Gone Glam

Would you wear a dress made of garbage? You might if it were made by Kristen Alyce! Twenty-eight year old Kristen is the founder of Garbage Gone Glam, and she creates beautiful dresses from trash like candy wrappers, newspapers and drink cartons. Her dresses sell for a lot of money, and are meant to be worn to special events and fundraisers.

Kristen got her idea to start her own fashion line when she was in college and noticed how much trash she and her roommates created. Looking for a way to put her garbage to good use, she decided to try to make dresses from old magazines and newspapers. She created her first dress just for fun, to test her creativity, and people loved it. Then, while she was working backstage during Couture Fashion Week in New York, she became inspired to start her own company, Garbage Gone Glam.

When Kristen told her friends and family she wanted to start her own business, people began leaving bags of trash by her front door. Kristen was thrilled, because each bag of garbage was full of exciting new materials to be turned into a new dress. “It was like Christmas,” she said. “I didn’t know what was in the bags. It was like opening a present to see what it was.”

Now, Kristen’s company has offices in Palm Beach, Florida and New York City, and she has expanded into making clothes for men as well as women. Kristen also doesn’t have to gather her own trash for making her fashions anymore. Instead, she uses materials from companies that have made more than they need, and are looking for a way to get rid of the surplus.

All of Kristen’s dresses are one-of-a-kind and handmade by her, and they can last for a few wearings. But just because they are made from garbage doesn’t mean they are cheap! Her dresses cost as much a $2000 for a custom dress! By turning trash into treasure, Kristen has found a way to help save the Earth and feed her creativity.

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