Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms

Hayleigh's Cherished CharmsHayleigh’s Cherished Char

When Hayleigh Scott was five years old, her mother found her sitting at the table drawing. Hayleigh told her mother she was drawing charms for her hearing aid, and just five years later she started her own online business! Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms are made especially for hearing aids, and are meant to show off them off—not hide them.

When Hayleigh was young, she went to a school for the deaf and hard of hearing. While she was there, she noticed how many kids tried to hide their hearing aids behind their hair. She decided that instead of hiding her hearing aid, she would make it fancy, and she researched to make sure her idea was a brand new one. She found out that no one had ever made anything like her hearing aid charms, and so her business was born.

Hayleigh started out selling her charms at craft shows, but soon she opened her online store. Now, Hayleigh’s hearing aid charms are even being sold to audiologists around the world. Hayleigh says she is surprised, but happy, at how well her charms are selling. “One of the reasons I started the business was that I saw a need that wasn’t just my own. So, I am happy to see how well people have responded to my products.”

Hayleigh’s family also helps out with her business. Her sisters make necklaces and bracelets to match the charms, her mother helps with the displays and packing the charms to be mailed, and her dad drives them to the post office. But even with all their help, her life is very busy. Hayleigh says she even has to schedule time to play with her friends and be a kid! She loves it, though, because she loves creating the charms and feeling like she is making people happy. She says, “One of the greatest rewards is receiving emails from customers about how much they enjoy their charms and tube twists and how they feel differently about their hearing aids because of them. That is a great feeling!”

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