Robots, bionic birds and smart games! Every year, tech lovers watch for the next cool new thing at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Companies from around the world turn out at the show to demo their latest and greatest new gadget. Which  new toy has you on the edge of your seat?

The Bionic Bird

The Bionic Bird has a Bluetooth radio inside that lets it be controlled by a smartphone, and it is easy to fly—just tilt the phone in the direction you want the bird to go. The best thing about the robot bird, though, is that it is the only flying toy that does not frighten other birds. In fact, it could even attract them. That means while you are flying your Bionic Bird around the yard, you could also be helping bring more birds to the neighborhood.

The Ozobot

The Ozobot brings a robot brain to games while teaching computer coding at the same time. The Ozobot can be programmed by drawing specially-colored lines on a piece of paper. You can make paths for the bot to follow or race your Ozobot against a friend’s. Download the OzoGroove, and you can even choreograph dances for the tiny bot. You’d never guess that  the Ozobot is teaching how robotics work and the basics of programming while you play.

Meccanoid G15 KS

The Meccanoid G15 KS lets you build your own robot that stands up to four feet tall. But this robot doesn’t just stand around—you can program it just by pressing a button and moving its arms or legs. The Meccanoid will remember how you moved it, and will repeat the motions. You can even command the robot to copy your own motions by using the camera attached to its chest, and it can respond to over one hundred voice commands.

These high-tech toys are great, but they are also more than just toys. Each one was also made possible by today’s new technology. Imagine what other new tools and toys are just waiting to be developed!

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