Jose Saldana – Photographer and Mountain Climber

Jose Saldana - Photographer and Mountain ClimberJose Saldana – Photographer and Mountain Climber

Jose Saldana has climbed more than 25 mountains in his life, and he has photographed them all! Jose is a filmmaker, photographer and mountain climber, and his love of photography and making films has led him all over the world!

Jose was born deaf, and he feels that being deaf has made his sense of vision even more powerful. He also draws on his experience of being deaf to photograph and film other people who are facing challenges in their lives, especially other athletes. Jose has photographed explorers like climbers and backpackers, and believes it is important to show people a wider picture of the world—the world outside our neighborhood. He says he takes pictures to show lifestyles and how other people live.

Jose also takes photographs of landscapes and nature. He has climbed to the top of twelve Colorado Fourteeners (mountains that are more than 14,000 feet tall), has trekked in the Italian Alps, and even visited the “End of the World” in Ushuaia, Argentina. Here, he was only 600 miles from Antarctica!

Jose’s advice to young photographers is to study the different places in the world, and learn what it is that calls you to a specific place. What images would you want to capture and share with the rest of the world? He also says it is important to do your research before you get there, and learn what the place has to offer and what you should expect. Will there be lots of rain, or will it be very hot? Make notes before you go and while you are there, and be ready when the perfect photographic moment arrives.

Jose also says that great photographers have to be patient and wait for the best photograph, even when they are tired or uncomfortable. He remembers one time when he stood in the cold for more than an hour, waiting for the shot. “Some parts of me were freezing and I maintained my determination. You can go through it because it will be worth it to get beautiful photos.”

You can see Jose Saldana’s photographs here and a video interview here

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