Jules Dameron – Award-Winning Director

Jules Dameron - Award-Winning DirectorJules Dameron – Award-Winning Director

Jules Dameron is a famous film producer and director, who, as she says, also happens to be deaf. She is also the founder of Deaf Women in Film, which she started to help more deaf women find roles in movies.

Jules has made many different short films and music videos, and also directed a Norwegian Television series called “Møkkakaffe” (Bad Coffee). She fell in love with making films when she was only seven years old. Her uncle had brought a video camera to a family reunion, and she was amazed by the way the camera could capture what she saw, and then play it on the TV screen. When she was thirteen, her parents gave her a video camera of her own, and she has now slowed down!

Jules went to a mainstream school, but she decided to go to Gallaudet University so she could experience more of the deaf culture. She says,” … the reason I wanted to go to Gallaudet was so I could have that deaf-world experience. It really helped me a lot—helped me become who I am today. Because of Gallaudet.”

At Gallaudet, Jules studied TV and Film. After graduating and travelling the world for a little while, she decided she wanted to learn more about movie-making, and so she applied at the University of Southern California—one of the best film schools in the world. She says she never really expected to get in, but she did!

One of Jules’s best-known works is glee!, a short musical film. Jules says she thinks it is one of her best works, too, and it also took a huge amount of work.  She says, “It was crazy how much work it took to do a musical. It’s not because I was deaf… I don’t feel like that was an issue at all, but it was more likely just because it’s a musical. It requires more planning and careful thinking in terms of singing, blocking, dancing, and so on.”

You can check out more of Jules Dameron’s work here!

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