Go outside and play!  Everyone likes to have a special place to go play—a safe, fun place with slides, swings, and maybe even a jungle-gym to climb around on.  But some kids don’t have a place to go play outside.  That’s where KaBOOM! steps in to help.

KaBOOM! is a charity dedicated to making sure every child has a playground close enough to walk to from their own home.  They want to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors, because more time outdoors means more time exercising, exploring and learning.  Since their beginning in 1995, KaBOOM! has helped build more than 2100 playgrounds and has mapped out over 90,000 good places to build even more.

Building a playground is a big job.  To make it easier, KaBOOM has an online project planner to help communities and volunteers get organized and build some fun.  They help groups find funding to pay for the materials provide two months of guidance for planning and building the playground and even teach the community how to take care of the playground equipment.

One of the best things about KaBOOM is their belief in child-directed play.  They have partnered with the architect David Rockwell to create playgrounds based around the idea of “free play,” which means that children should be able to explore the objects in their environment in their own way.  This gives kids a chance to build and change their playground as they like while staying within a safe and fun environment.

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