Little Kids Rock!

Little Kids Rock!Little Kids Rock!
Everyone loves listening to music, and some people also love creating music.  Little Kids Rock believes that every kid should have the chance to learn to make music, even if their school doesn’t have a music program.  Little Kids Rock is supported by some very important musicians, including Paul Simon and Lady Gaga, and they are dedicated to making sure every child has the chance to learn to play a musical instrument.

Little Kids Rock provides weekly music education classes and free musical instruments to grades K-12 in schools that don’t have a music program of their own.  Their instructors teach music in exciting and fun ways by using popular types of music like rock, rap and hip-hop—the kinds of music kids like!  They also teach volunteers how to lead the classes.

In the classes, students learn how to write and record their own songs.  They even get to record their own music and make their own rock video to share with their friends and family.  The classes may be offered during or after school, depending on the school’s schedule, the program can be started quickly without any cost to the school.  Which means that kids don’t have long to wait before they can start learning how to rock!

The Little Kid Rock website also has a page for kids full of videos, lessons, games and downloads.  Get started learning how to play the guitar or drums, or check out some of the games like “Build a Beat” and “Drum Along.”

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