Kronum! A New Sport!

Kronum! A New Sport!Kronum!  A New Sport!

Have you ever heard of the game Kronum? Well, get ready to learn a great new sport! If you like basketball, soccer, football or rugby, then you will love Kronum.
To play you will need a few things. The first thing that you will need is called a Bownet Goal. You can practice with one goal, but you will need four of them if you want to play a full game of Kronum. The Bownet Goal looks a lot like a soccer goal, but on the top there are three open holes like you might see on the carnival game where you have to throw a beanbag into a hole. The next thing you will need is a Kronum Ball. The ball is special because it is the same size as a soccer ball or volleyball, but it bounces more like a basketball so that you can dribble it or bounce it on your knees.
Once you’ve got at least one goal and a ball you can start to practice getting goals. You will score different amounts of points depending on where you kick or throw the ball, and the holes at the top of the goal are the hardest to hit. Once you’ve figured out how to handle the ball, you will need ten players on each team to play the game. The players are put in positions like “Wedge Back,” “Ranger,” and “Crosser.” A crosser is like a point guard in basketball and a Wedge Back is like a goalie, but he defends a larger area. The Ranger is lucky, because that player gets to defend and score.
The farther away a player is from the Bownet Goal when they score, the more points the goal is worth. The goal that gets the most possible points, a total of eight, is called a Kronum. To score this goal, a player has to be at least 25 feet away from the goal and get the ball into the center hole at that top of the net. That’s one crazy hole in one!

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