Logan Guleff – Master Chef Junior!

Logan Guleff – Master Chef Junior!Logan Guleff – Master Chef Junior!

Logan Guleff may be only 12 years old, but he can already cook like a pro. Logan is the winner of this season’s MasterChef Junior, a cooking contest for kids between 8 and 12. His nice personality and cool bow ties made him a favorite contestant, but it was in the kitchen that he really showed his chops!

MasterChef Junior may be Logan’s biggest win so far, but it’s not his first. When Logan was only 9, his Chomp Burger was a finalist in the Jif’s “Most Creative Peanut Butter Sandwich Contest.”  Then, when he was 10, his recipe for Tuna Schooners won him a seat at very first Kids’ State Dinner at the White House, where he got to meet President and Mrs. Obama. Mrs. Obama said Logan’s recipe was her favorite!

Logan has been cooking since he was 2 years old. He loves to try new things in the kitchen, and he taught himself to cook eggs and Beef Wellington by watching videos on the internet. But cooking in the MasterChef Junior kitchen is not like cooking at home. MasterChef kids have to compete against each other, and they can’t choose what to make!

Even though Logan is a great cook, he still had to work hard to win the challenges. During one episode, the kids had to filet their own salmon for a fish dinner. Logan had a hard time cutting his fish, but his idea to poach the salmon in olive oil impressed the judges and moved him into the finals. For his final dish, Logan smoked his own aioli (a kind of sauce) using a smoker gun and a plastic bag!

On his blog, Logan shared what it was like to win MasterChef Junior. “When I stand there and Gordon Ramsay calls out my name and LOGAN rings through the studio and the confetti starts to fall I am just amazed. This is my night! I AM THE MASTERCHEF JUNIOR.”

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