March Madness!

March Madness!March Madness!

Screaming fans, waving flags and a band is playing the school song.  Camera crews from all over are there, hoping to catch a glimpse of how your favorite college basketball teams will perform during the tournament.  March Madness is here.

All season long, college basketball teams play to win.  But when March arrives, it’s a whole different story.  Everyone’s got a shot.  Teams get to play against rivals that they didn’t even know that they had as well.  Small schools like North Carolina Central might get to play against monstrous opponents like Duke, and maybe even win! They have a chance to say that they were a part of the Final Four, made up of the most talented college basketball players in the United States.  That’s what makes March Madness so awesome:  Anyone can win!

The team that wins games and surprises everyone is called the Cinderella Team. With players like Corey Hawkins of Sacramento and Jameel  Warney of Stony Brook, either of these teams could make it to the “dance” for the first time.  Great players that are on small teams finally get to show the world their talent.  During this season, be on the lookout for guys like Seth Tuttle from Northern Iowa and Kyle Collinsworth from BYU.

To make it a little more fun for you, you could make a bracket with your friends. It’s a list of who you think will win the games during March Madness. To design the bracket, you will start with the “sweet sixteen” or the top sixteen teams that have made it to the final rounds of the tournament by winning the most games.   Once it is announced which teams will play against each other on each side of the bracket, it’s up to you, the Bracketologist, to pick who you think will win each game. Keep doing this until you reach the final round, where you predict the winner.

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