Microsoft Teaches Coding to Kids with MineCraft

Microsoft Teaches Coding to Kids with MineCraftMicrosoft Teaches Coding to Kids with MineCraft

Have you ever heard of the video game, Minecraft? It’s a very popular block building game, and in fact, Minecraft won the 2015 Bafta games awards in the Console Editions category. In Minecraft you can create your own world or explore worlds that others have created. You can mine for materials and create various types of terrain, tools, and buildings. You also run into animals, creatures and foes who may try to kill you.

Its set in a place where you can die from injuries and need to get food to bring back your health. You could also drown if you stay underwater too long. When it becomes night you cannot see anything and have to find a way to build a fire or light a torch so you can see. Otherwise you may be killed and not even know who did it. It is lots of fun because your only limitations are that of your own imagination.

Microsoft recently bought the company who owns Minecraft and they have teamed up with to teach kids how to code in a one-hour lesson by using the video game, Minecraft. There are various modules where you could learn things specific to that module. For example, in the Star Wars module you will learn about coding the Star Wars characters. In the Microsoft module, you will learn how to complete 14 coding challenges.

Coding can seem overwhelming, complicated or even boring, but learning through the Minecraft game it is simple, straight forward and fun. It’s enough to get your feet wet, and get you excited about learning more about how to code. To find out more information about learning to code through the Minecraft game, Click Here!

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