Minion Yellow – The Minions Get a Color!

Minion Yellow - The Minions Get a Color!Minion Yellow – The Minions Get a Color!

Remember the Minions, those funny characters from Despicable Me? Even though they were helping the bad guy in the movie, they still seemed friendly and fun. Now the minions have their own movie coming out, called Minions, and something that may be even better. They have a color named after them—Minion Yellow!

Minion Yellow was created by the Pantone Color Institute, and it is their first new color in three years. The idea for the color came from singer Pharrell Williams, who is making the music for the Minions film. Williams thought the color of the minions was a happy color, and he wanted to create a “minion yellow.” Pantone liked the idea too, and they were ready to add to some new energizing and uplifting colors to their collection.

Pantone worked with the movie’s animators at Illumination to create the new color. Together, they looked at the slightly different yellows of all the minions and then found an average color that sort of matched them all. They also used spectroscopy, a way of looking at colors very closely, to make sure the new yellow did not match any other yellows already named by Pantone. That means Minion Yellow is a truly different color that has never officially existed!

Pantone’s official colors are very important to all kinds of designers, from fashion to furniture to cars. When you work with an official color, you can be sure that everyone else you design with will know exactly what color you mean. Light yellow to you could mean something different to someone else, so official names and colors help keep things organized!

For Minion Yellow, Pantone wanted to bring in a fresh and invigorating look. According to the Pantone Color Institute, the new Minion Yellow is energetic, friendly and fun-loving. It immediately calls out to you and suggests creativity, curiosity and enlightenment. What a great color! The minions should be proud.

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