Mo’ne Davis Named Kid Athlete of the Year!

Mo'ne Davis Named Kid Athlete of the Year!Mo’ne Davis Named Kid Athlete of the Year!

It appears that Mo’ne Davis is closing out her 2014 year in much of the same way she spent it – by winning. The 13-year-old honor roll student was named the Sports Illustrated Kids ‘Sports Kid of the Year’ for her outstanding summer pitching in the Little League World Series. Davis was only the 13th girl to ever play in the Little League World Series in 67 years, but she quickly became the star of the summer

While Davis’ Taney Dragons little league squad fell short of the championship by winning third place, the team did win the heart of the nation. Mo’ne pitched two shutouts, becoming the first girl to ever do so in the LLWS, but it was her unflappable, laid back attitude, not athletic ability, that endeared her to millions. Even while being interviewed on ESPN with reporters making a big deal out of her accomplishments as a female, Mo’ne looked at it as nothing more than playing the game she loved.

The best part is her teammates have gotten to share the rewards of the exciting summer. The team was able to walk in the 88th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade after already enjoying ‘Taney Dragons Week,’ dedicated by the Pennsylvania government. As for Davis, she made the cover of Sports Illustrated, got a Tweet from Michelle Obama, starred in a T.V. commercial, has her jersey displayed at the Baseball Hall of Fame, and is writing an autobiography for release next March.

What an amazing summer Mo’ne Davis had!

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