Mozzeria, San Francisco’s First Ever Deaf-Owned Restaurant

Mozzeria, San Francisco’s First Ever Deaf-Owned RestaurantMozzeria, San Francisco’s First Ever Deaf-Owned Restaurant

A great pizzeria in San Francisco’s Mission district is producing delicious Neapolitan style pizza with gourmet flavors and an amazing crust!  While the food here is great, the story behind Mozzeria is even better.

Mozzeria is San Francisco’s first ever Deaf-owned restaurant.  Melody and Russell Stein, the couple behind Mozzeria, are both Deaf and met at Gallaudet University. Melody’s dream was always to own a restaurant just like her parents, who own a Chinese restaurant in San Francisco.  Russell, who grew up in New York, ate some of the best pizza in the world almost daily.

When the two decided to finally open a restaurant together, they had to compromise.  Melody got her restaurant with some Asian-inspired small-plate meals, and Russell imported a wood-burning pizza oven from Italy to get his wish of making pizzas!  Russell is such a pizza fanatic he combined his two favorite things, mozzarella cheese and pizzeria, to come up with the restaurant’s name!

Mozzeria has become a favorite in the Deaf community and it is also just as popular with the hearing crowd.  The Deaf staff has no problem communicating with the hearing customers.  They use pads of paper to write down orders and answer questions, and customers can get the waitresses’ attention with a slight wave, eye contact, or even tossing an object in their field of vision.

The Steins set up Mozzeria to be “Deaf-friendly” because of experiences they have had in other restaurants.  Even though Mozzeria is Deaf-owned and the majority of the wait staff is also Deaf, the Steins don’t focus on this.  In fact, there are no signs or any indicators that this is the case.  Instead, the couple wants to focus on what’s important—the food!

So, if you are looking for some great pizza with an Asian flair in the San Francisco area, try out Mozzeria.  You will be glad you did!

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