NBA Star Shooter–Stephen Curry

NBA Star Shooter--Stephen CurryNBA Star Shooter–Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry may be having the best season ever! The Golden State Warriors’ player has already been called the greatest shooter in NBA history, and now he has broken his own shooting record for three-pointers in a single season!

Stephen Curry has changed what people expect from basketball players. In the recent game against the Oklahoma City Thunder, Curry won the game by sinking a shot from almost at the half court line. That’s pretty far away from the basket! People used to think that kind of shot would be amazing, but for Curry, it’s just another day at the ball game.

Curry has the quickest release ever seen in the NBA, which means it does not take long for him to set up a shot. He doesn’t need a lot of space to make his shot, either, and his quick release also makes it hard for an opponent to block him. He can even make a shot right off the catch or dribble, and is quick on the court—making him hard to guard.

There a few special techniques (ways) that Curry uses to make sure his shots make the basket. He turns his feet just a little away from the basket, which helps him keep his elbow in. He also dips the ball a few inches down after he catches it. Dipping the ball helps add power to the shot and gets it ready to fly in the opposite direction—up to the basket instead of down toward the ground. Curry will also shoot in one motion, without stopping, and he does not jump very high at all when he takes the shot.

Besides being a star basketball player, Stephen Curry is also a great guy. In 2012, Curry started donated mosquito nets to the Nothing But Nets charity. He gave three mosquito nets for every 3-pointer he made. He also visited with President Obama in 2015, where he gave a speech about the President’s Malaria Initiative plan.

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