New App for the Deaf, Better than Lip-Reading??

New App for the Deaf, Better than Lip-Reading??New App for the Deaf, Better than Lip-Reading??

Have you ever been hanging out with a large group of hearing kids, maybe at lunch, recess during school, or some other event, and had trouble keeping up with the conversation?  Well, the creators of the Transcense App for your smartphone want to make talking with lots of people easier to do!

Even the best lip readers and interpreters have a hard time keeping up when a group is talking with each other.  The new Transcense App hopes to change all that.  The app may be the hearing impaired answer to understanding those fast moving, chit-chat moments when everyone’s talking at once.  It can translate speech into to written words and displays them on your phone’s screen in real time.  It does this by connecting to several phones and activating their microphones to catch what everyone is saying.  The app then uses voice recognition and assigns colors to each individual so you know who’s saying what and when.  It also has a feature that uses a digital voice to speak for the deaf person or to get the groups attention so the deaf person can speak.

Two of the three inventors of this app especially want to see it succeed since it has very personal meaning for them.  Thibault Duchemin is a CODA (child of deaf adult) and Skinner Cheng has been deaf since he was two.  They created an Indiegogo campaign to raise $25,000 to continue the further development of Transcense, and they ended up raising over $40,000!  They hope to develop a cost-effective app to save the hearing-impaired community money, as interpreters can become very expensive.

Every day new technology is making it easier for the deaf to communicate with their hearing peers. Whether at school, or during other activities with large groups of people, the Transcense App will make it easier and more fun to participate in the conversation.

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