Nyle DiMarco on Dancing With the Stars!

Nyle DiMarco on Dancing With the Stars!Nyle DiMarco on Dancing With the Stars!

He acts, he dances and he models! Nyle DiMarco is taking the world by storm, and people are wondering if there is anything he can’t do.

Nyle DiMarco first made headlines when he won America’s Next Top Model last year. He is only the second male contestant to win the title, and he is the first Deaf contestant to ever compete. He did great on the show, and won the judges over with his strong poses and piercing eyes. He also impressed the viewers at home with his great personality and, of course, great looks.  Now, Nyle is competing on Dancing with the Stars, and all his fans are rooting for him.

Nyle DiMarco is 26 years old and comes from a Deaf family—his parents, both brothers, and grandparents were all born deaf. He is fluent in American Sign Language and lip-reading, and speaks through an interpreter on the shows. Before winning America’s Next Top Model, he was working as a freelance model and had appeared on the TV show Switched at Birth.

Nyle has a twin brother, who is also deaf but does not look like Nyle. His brother loves hip-hop and had a DJ business, and he used to try to get Nyle to dance. But Nyle never would. Nyle says, “…he dances quite a bit. He tried to teach me to dance when I was growing up, but I never took him up on it. I always said, ‘No. I’m going to go play sports or something.” But when he was invited onto Dancing with the Stars, Nyle decided to give dancing a try—and everyone is glad he did!

On Dancing With the Stars, Nyle was paired with professional dancer Peta Murgatroyd. Since Nyle could not hear the music, he and Peta used a system of signals to make sure they stayed in step. Peta would squeeze his hand when it was time to do a turn.  Nyle admits he made a mistake during his first dance, but no one noticed it, and, as he says “we killed it!”

You can check out Nyle DiMarcos’ vlog here!

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