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Our smartphones are getting smarter, and our computers are getting smaller. So it’s only natural that some creative minds have decided to make devices especially for our pets. Whether you want to keep tabs on your dog’s exercise, check in on your cat from school, or read your animal’s thoughts, there is probably an app for that!

The Heartography Camera

The Heartograpy camera from Nikon lets dogs takes photos of what excites them. The camera fits inside a case that the dog wears around its neck. A sensor on the camera case can tell when the dog’s heartbeart rises, triggering the camera to snap a picture! When Nikon tested the camera on a dog named Grizzler, they found out he liked bright colors and other dogs!

No More Woof

The No More Woof headset from dogs reads the dog’s mind to let you know what its thinking. Actually, the headset reads the dog’s brainwaves, and can tell which brainwave patterns mean the dog is hungry, tired or excited. After it reads the brainwaves, the headset translates the wave pattern into words. You can check out a video about the No More Woof here!

The Petzi Treat Cam

The Petzi Treat Cam lets you talk to your pet and give them a treat, even if you are not at home! The treat cam has a camera built into it, and connects to the WiFi in your house so it can communicate with your smartphone. Just tap on your smartphone, and you can call your pet over to the Treat Cam, give it treat, and even take a picture!

Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

The Whistle GPS Pet Tracker helps make sure your pet never gets lost again. Just attach the GPS sensor to your pet’s collar, and you can track your pet with your smartphone. You can even set a ‘safe zone’ for your pet, and your smartphone will let you know if the pet has wandered too far.

What sort of tech would you like for your pet?

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