PGAPJordan Spieth: Pro Golfer and Great Guy

PGAPJordan Spieth: Pro Golfer and Great GuyPGAPJordan Spieth: Pro Golfer and Great Guy

The most popular sports in Dallas, Texas are football and baseball. Although Jordan Spieth grew up throwing the pigskin and swinging a bat, it was the plastic golf clubs that his parents bought him when he was 18 months old that he loved the most. They were just supposed to be a toy for Jordan to play with when his younger brother was born, but instead they became an obsession!

It didn’t take long for Jordan to realize that golf was the sport that wanted to play. By the time that he was nine years old, Jordan was volunteering to mow the family lawn! He had an agenda though. Jordan wanted to cut the grass short enough in the corners so that he could use them to practice chipping and putting with real golf clubs! The plastic ones were just a memory!

By the time that Jordan was sixteen years old, he was competing all over the United States in golf tournaments like the Thunderbird International Junior along with other members if the American Junior Golf Association. Other golfers like Daniel Lee were doing a great job, but Jordan had a secret weapon: his little sister.

Ellie was born with neurological problems that made a lot of things more difficult for her. So as Jordan traveled around playing golf, he would bring back key chains for Ellie and volunteer at her school on Wednesdays. He even went back to volunteer when he was going to college and playing golf for the Texas Longhorns! Jordan said he was going to play in the PGA tour for her and by the time that he was 21 years old, he became the third youngest player in the PGA tour history to win multiple events, behind famous golfers Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia.

In honor of Ellie Jordan started a charity when he was only 20 years old. The Jordan Spieth Charitable Trust focuses on special needs youth, military families, and junior golf. Jordan Spieth definitely set a goal for himself and followed it through!

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