Play Ball!

Play Ball!Play Ball!

It’s baseball season, and time to dust off the bases! Baseball first became popular in the U.S. in the 1850s, and since then it has been considered America’s National Sport.

Major League Baseball commissioner Rob Manfred wants to make it easier for kids all over the country to play and learn about baseball. In 2015, he founded a program called the Play Ball Youth Baseball Initiative. This program is meant to help kids get interested in baseball and learn more about the game, no matter where they live.

But the program isn’t just for baseball fans. Manfred believes that the younger a person gets interested in game, the sooner they will start to play. And the earlier you play, the better you are.

The Play Ball initiative website has all kinds of baseball videos, polls and trivia. You can vote on fun things, like Favorite Home Run, Best Beard in Baseball or No Socks vs. High Socks. (If you’re wondering, Dallas Keuchel is winning with Best Beard, and most people like High Socks best.)

You can also check out cool videos from baseball games all over the country. You can see some great plays, like when George Springer makes an amazing catch to steal Jose Abreu’s home run. The site also has interviews and scenes from training, and funny mascots surprising kids!

The Play Ball site is also for parents and coaches! At the site, they can find out what’s happening with local leagues, or learn tips for coaching the game. Coaches can even use the USA Baseball Mobile Coach Application, which helps them organize their players and schedule. Since a lot of youth baseball teams are coached by volunteers (like moms or dads), this app can help them stay organized.

If you want to get even closer to the game, the Play Ball site has a list of clubs where kids can play baseball or softball. There are teams and organizations for kids as young as four years old, so you’re never too young to start playing!

Check out the Play Ball site here!

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