Quvenzhané Wallis – The New Annie

Quvenzhané Wallis – The New AnnieQuvenzhané Wallis – The New Annie

Quvenzhané Wallis had a great year! She is up for Best Actress for her role in the musical Annie, and she was named the face of Armani Junior for 2015. At eleven years old, Quvenzhané is the first child actor to ever be the face of the famous fashion line, and she impressed Giorgio Armani the very first time he saw here. In fact, almost everyone who meets Quvenzhané is surprised by her talent!

Quvenzhané starred in her first movie role as Hushpuppy in the movie Beasts of the Southern Wild. She was only five years old at the time, and the role was for a girl between six and nine years old. That didn’t stop her, though, and she went to the audition. The filmmakers were impressed with how well Quvenzhané could read and that she could burp on command. They had found their star! According to Quvenzhané, it was her determination that got her that first break: “And they only have found me because the character who is Hushpuppy, she does what is right and she is fearless, and that’s what I did at the audition.”

Now Quvenzhané is starring in the new version of Annie, a remake of the Broadway play that first showed in 1977. In the movie, she plays Annie, a smart, plucky orphan who goes to live with the billionaire Daddy Warbucks.  Anniedirector Will Gluck wanted to make a modern, updated version of the classic play, and when he saw Quvenzhané, he knew she was right for the role.  She can sing and dance, and she is also kind and very headstrong. In fact, Gluck even wrote a lot of the movie around Quvenzhané to suit her talent and skills!

Quvenzhané sees a lot of herself in the Annie character, too. She says: “I just keep doing what I’m doing and don’t ever give up. That’s what I like about Annie. If she has goals, she’ll finish them, like me. We’re both confident.”

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