Rachel Platten – Fight Song!

Rachel Platten - Fight Song!Rachel Platten – Fight Song!

Rachel Platten is making headlines with her new song, “Fight Song.” A song about following your dreams and not giving up, it has very special meaning for Rachel. This is a song that was twelve years in the making!

Rachel Platten had always loved music, but says she was also always a little afraid of actually performing on stage. But when she was in college, she got the chance that changed her life. A friend asked her to be the backup singer and keyboard player in his band, and she agreed. Soon, she was performing on stage for the very first time to an audience of 50,000 people. “It just felt like, ‘Oh, this is what I’m supposed to do with my life. This huge moment of clarity,’ so that was when I decided to switch,” Rachel says.

For the next twelve years, Rachel worked hard. She played music where ever she could, and traveled all over the country. She got her big break when her song, “Fight Song,” played on the TV show Pretty Little Liars, but her break did not go as she expected. Instead of the song becoming hugely popular overnight, Rachel had to wait a little while for it to really catch on.

During that time, she said, she almost lost sight of her dreams, and she felt very discouraged. But soon, the song went to the top 100 on iTunes. Then it was picked up by a radio station. Before she knew it, “Fight Song” was a big hit. Now it is in the top 40 on iTunes and it playing on radio stations all over the U.S.

Rachel Platten is excited about the success of her song, and looking forward to her next creative projects. She has written over 120 songs, and some of them may even be on her next album! Rachel wrote “Fight Song” as a reminder not to give up on herself, and now she is enjoying the rewards of following her dreams! “I can’t believe what’s happening right now,” she says. “I don’t have words for it, I’m so grateful.”

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