Ramarni Wilfred, Eleven-Year-Old Genius

Ramarni Wilfred, Eleven-Year-Old GeniusRamarni Wilfred, Eleven-Year-Old Genius

Ramarni Wilfred, just 11 years old, he has proven that his one of the smartest people in the world. Ramarni was invited by Mensa, a special club for very smart people, to take an IQ test, and he scored higher on that test than both Bill Gates and Albert Einstein!  Ramarni, who lives in the U.K., didn’t let his high score go to his head, though. When asked how he felt about being smarter than Einstein, Ramarni said: “I can’t begin to compare myself to these great men, whose hard work clearly proves that they are true geniuses.

Ramarni’s mother says that he started showing signs of being a genius when he was still very young. His favorite book when he was a toddler was the encyclopedia, and he could read when he was three years old. His school even wanted to skip Ramarni ahead when he was younger, but his mother decided he should to stay with kids his own age. When Ramarni was ten, he wrote an essay on fairness. That essay won him an invitation to visit Oxford and got the attention of Mensa.

Ramarni may be a genius, but he’s still a lot like other kids his age. His mom says: “He’s still just a little boy doing normal childhood stuff. While he reads the New Scientist and the Sky at Night, he still plays with his dog, watches the Disney Channel and reads comics.” Ramarni’s mother also thinks that being a part of Mensa will be fun for Ramarni. “Mensa allows him to talk and be with other people as clever as he is for the things that go over my head,” she said.

As for Ramarni, he looking forward to going to the Mensa meetings, but he also believes genius is earned: “This is a great opportunity and I think it can open a lot of doors for me. But I also believe that having a high IQ isn’t that important unless you do something really special with it.”

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