RIF – Reading is Fundament

RIF – Reading is FundamentRIF – Reading is Fundament

Almost fifty years ago, a teacher named Margaret McNamara let some boys she was teaching pick a few used books to keep. The kids were very happy, and Ms. McNamara learned that many of them and their classmates had never even owned a book! She decided that day to make sure every kid in America had a chance to own their own book. That fall, in 1966, Reading is Fundamental was born.

Reading is Fundamental, also called RIF, was founded to help every child in America discover the fun of reading. They do this by working with the community to provide new, free books for children to choose and keep. By letting the children pick which book they want to keep, RIF gives them the power of choice and lets them follow their own interests.

Now, RIF has grown to be the largest nonprofit literacy program in the United States. They work with volunteers around the country to deliver new books to children who need them the most. The RIF program is especially focused on making sure kids from birth to eight years old have access to new, high-quality books. They send books to schools, homeless shelters, hospitals and community centers, and anywhere else you may find children needing books.

The RIF volunteers spend a lot of time gathering and distributing the books, but that’s not all they do. RIF volunteers also host read-aloud events, lead reading activities, and spread the word about the importance of reading. Every year, they give away 15 million new books to 4 million children in all 50 states. That’s a lot of kids, and a lot of books!

Many big companies help support the RIF cause. This year, McDonald’s partnered with RIF again to include new books in every Happy Meal order from January 9-22. The books include classics like If You Give a Mouse a Cookie andFlat Stanley Goes Camping, and will also be available in Spanish in some areas.

If you want to know more about getting involved with RIF, click here to visit their website.

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