Scott Kelly’s Year in Space

Scott Kelly's Year in SpaceScott Kelly’s Year in Space

How do you wash clothes in space? What do astronauts do for fun? If you’ve ever wondered what life is like on the International Space Station, astronaut Scott Kelly has the answers for you!

On March 27, astronaut Scott Kelly and Russian Cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko left Earth to go live on the International Space Station. Kelly and Kornienko will be spending a year in space, and Kelly has been sharing his experiences with people back on Earth.

Usually, astronauts at the ISS (International Space Station) only stay for four to six months. This is not just because they get homesick! Being in space is hard on the human body, because the astronauts live in zero gravity. One of the reasons Scott Kelly was chosen for the mission is because he has an identical twin brother. His brother, Mark Kelly, will stay on Earth so doctors can do studies to compare the two of them and learn more about how time in space affects the body.

Now, Scott Kelly is halfway through his mission. He has already spent six months in space, and has been sharing the experience with people back on Earth! Scott Kelly has been taking photos and posting them to Instagram, and has also been in lots of interviews. One thing people wonder about is what the astronauts do while they are on the space station. “All the days are different, which makes it pretty interesting,” Kelly said in a video interview. “So it’s a combination of science, maintenance and general housekeeping. And then occasionally robotics activities or a spacewalk you might get to do.”

So, how do you wash clothes in space? You don’t! The astronauts take disposable clothes, and throw them away when they get too dirty!

If you want to learn more about life in space, check out this interview with Scott Kelly as he talks about life on the ISS. You can also see his great photos by visiting his Instagram feed!

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