Secret Rooms in Tut’s Tomb?

Secret Rooms in Tut's Tomb?Secret Rooms in Tut’s Tomb?

In 1922, a team of archaeologists made an amazing discovery. They found King Tut’s tomb, and sparked excitement about ancient Egypt all around the world. Now, some scientists think they have found some secret rooms in the tomb that might hold even more treasures!

King Tut is the short name for King Tutankhamen. He became the king of Egypt in 1333 BC, when he was only ten years old. When he died, he was buried in the huge tomb, along with beautiful gold objects—like the famous mask that you’ve probably seen in books. For a long time, archaeologists thought they had explored all the rooms of the tomb, but now radar scans show that there could be some hidden rooms that have not been explored at all.

The radar scans on the walls of the tomb showed that secret chambers could be behind the walls, and also showed that there were some objects inside the rooms. Using the radar scanner, the team was able to see signs of doors that had been covered up while Tut’s chamber was being built. These doors were covered with plaster and then painted over, hiding them from human eyes.

The team has not opened the chambers yet, but they are able to guess what might be inside by studying the scans. During a press conference in Egypt, Antiquities Minister Mamdouh al-Damaty said that the scan showed both metal and organic objects. Organic objects come from living things—or things that used to be alive—so the team believes the hidden rooms could hold more funerary (burial) items. The rooms could even be the tomb of a king or queen!

Not everyone is sure that the scans are of hidden rooms, though. Some experts say that the natural shape of the Valley of the Kings had lots of empty spaces that could look like rooms. Archaeologists will be doing more radar surveys over the next few days, to help decide if the spaces really are just natural holes—or if they hold amazing treasures!

You can see some cool videos about the discovery here!

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