Sevan Jordan — Author and Proud Nerd!

Sevan Jordan -- Author and Proud Nerd!Sevan Jordan — Author and Proud Nerd!

Sevan Jordan is a Proud Nerd, and he’ll tell you himself! Sevan is only twelve years old, and he has already published two books and is starting his very own t-shirt line, called Proud Nerd. We caught up with Sevan, and he told us a little bit about being an author, designer, and musician!

You wrote your first book, the MRs Short Stories, when you were only ten years old! What do you love about writing?

Sevan – I wrote my first book at the age of ten years old, but I actually started writing earlier. I love writing about my experiences and the way I view the world through my eyes.

 You also just published a book of poems, called My Love for Words. Do you prefer to write poems, or stories?

Sevan – I prefer to write stories because I can use my imagination more vividly. I do love poetry, however. I’m working on being better at expressing myself in that way with my words.

 What does your logo Proud Nerd mean to you?

Sevan – My logo Proud Nerd means to be proud of being you. If you like school and learning, that there’s nothing wrong with that. I believe that being a proud nerd is the new black. And I have the right to enjoy expanding my mind.   

What are you hoping to accomplish with your writing?

Sevan – I would like to one day be on the best seller list, and also to encourage other young kids to have fun in expressing themselves through writing. 

What do you hope for in your future?

Sevan – What I’m looking forward to in the future is better at playing the piano and the trombone. And one day to be in a funny comedy sitcom. Who knows! It just may happen. 

What else would you like to say to our readers?

Sevan – One thing I would like to add is that I could not do any of this without God opening doors, and for my parents pushing me to always be great and never settle for being mediocre. I love them. My mom, she is the best. She gives up a great deal so myself and my brother can live our dreams. I would also like to say thank you to for doing this. It means a lot to me, and I do appreciate it


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