Stephen Curry, MVP

Stephen Curry, MVPStephen Curry, MVP

Stephen Curry stood in front of thousands of fans, and millions more who were watching on television, as he accepted his most recent award. Stephen always knew that he would make it! When he signed to one of the smallest Division 1 schools, Davidson, he was thrilled just to be able to play basketball. But no one could have guessed just how amazing this kid was going to turn out to be.

By the end of his freshman year at Davidson, Lebron James was showing up at basketball games to watch “the kid” play. Not only was he getting stronger, but Stephen was still growing. When he played basketball in high school, Curry was 5’11”. Now, at the end of his freshman year, he was a towering 6’3”. By Stephen’s junior year, when he decided to leave Davidson and play for the NBA, Stephen Curry was the nation’s number one college basketball player.

Curry wanted to be even better, so he started to practice more, train harder, play harder and push himself to be the best of the best. That was when he started breaking records. Stephen Curry got 1000 three-pointers in his first 369 games in the NBA. No one else, not even Michael Jordan, has done that! He also has the best “net rating” in the NBA. Basically, that means that his team, the Golden State Warriors, win by the most points all of the time!

What’s even cooler? Curry’s hard work has earned him the honor of being named the KIA MVP player of the year this year in the NBA.  When he is out on the court Curry, is constantly pointing at his teammates and cheering for them when they make great shots or pass the ball in a way that helps the team out. Everyone else might be cheering for Stephen, but he is cheering for his team. What’s the best part? Stephen Curry is only 27 years old. He’s got a lot of games left to play!

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