SubPac Backpack Lets You Feel the Music

SubPac Backpack Lets You Feel the MusicSubPac Backpack Lets You Feel the Music

How would you like to wear music on your back, and really feel the beat? The SubPac lets you do just that! The SubPac was developed by StudioFeed back in 2013. They have been making it better and better, and now the newest version, the M1, is ready to bring the bass to life.

The SubPac backpack was first made for professional DJs, to let them feel the bass in the music while they mix the beats. Now the backpack is being used by deaf and hard-of-hearing kids to let them feel the music too.

The SubPac makes deep and heavy vibrations that go along with the music being played, letting you feel the beat. It’s being used in some schools already to let deaf students follow along with the music and join in the games and activities with the rest of the class. Some people say the pack reminds them of how it feels to stand very close to a loud band. Vivian Richey, who used the SubPac, signed that it was “similar to when a car starts and the music is loud, causing the car to vibrate.”

Right now, the SubPac is being used at the Williams Elementary School in Illinois. The school got a special grant (money) to buy and use the packs, and all the kids love them. Alex Murrill, a teacher at the school, said that before they got the packs, the students would put their hand on a speaker to feel the music. But that is not always the best way to experience music, because you have to stand still and keep your hand in one place. With the SubPac on, you can move all over the room and still keep the beat.

The SubPac is also being used at the Union Chapel in Islington to let deaf worshipers at church “feel” the sound of the church organ. Deaf DJ Robbie Wilde tried it, too, and told the makers, “I’ve been waiting for this my whole life.”

Pretty soon, maybe more places will start using the Subpac, and let everyone have fun with music!

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