The Best Dog in the World

The Best Dog in the WorldThe Best Dog in the World

Who has the best dog in the world? Well, it depends on who you ask—but according to the judges at the Westminster Dog Show, that dog’s name is CJ. CJ is a German shorthaired pointer, and he won the Best in Show award at the dog show this year. He beat out 2,751 other dogs to win that title!

The Westminster Dog Show is the second-longest, continuously (without a break) running sports event in the world. Only the Kentucky Derby, which is a horse race, has been running longer. Every year for the past 140 years, dogs and their owners have competed to see who will win awards like Best of Breed, Best at Obedience, and Best in Show.

CJ, whose initials stand for California Journey, won the biggest award of all—Best in Show. That means he was chosen over all the other dogs, which is a big honor. But CJ is no stranger to winning. He has only been competing in dog shows for six months, and he has already won 18 Best of Show awards in other, smaller competitions. His grandmother was also a champion, and she won Best of Show at Westminster in 2005.

The judges say they chose CJ as the winner because of his cool, calm personality. He did not seem bothered by all the excitement around him, and stayed relaxed while he strutted his stuff around the rink. The dogs are led around the judging rink by their handlers, and sometimes they can get very excited. One dog during the show even kept trying to get a treat out of their handler’s pocket! But not CJ. He was calm and alert, and seemed to know exactly what he was doing.

Now, CJ is known as the best dog in America. As the 2016 winner, his world is different, and no one knows quite what he might do next. Past dog show winners have gone on to visit the White House and even throw out the first pitch at a baseball game!

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