The HALO Effect — Kids Making a Difference!

The HALO Effect -- Kids Making a Difference!The HALO Effect — Kids Making a Difference!

Kids today are more involved in charities than ever before! They are gathering books for homeless shelters, helping raise money to fight diseases, and even cleaning plastics from the ocean!

Nickelodeon wanted to honor these special kids, and that’s what their new show, The HALO Effect, is all about. HALO stands for Helping and Leading Others, and the show is all about kids who are working the make the world a better place. The show airs each month, and every episode tells the story of a kid like you, who has done something special to help others in need.

The first episode of The HALO Effect is about 16-year-old Jessica Collins, from Kentucky. When she was younger, she saw a movie called The Blind Side, and learned that many poor kids don’t even have a bed to sleep in. This inspired her to start the charity organization called A Place to Sleep. This charity collects beds and bedding (like sheets and blankets) and gives them to people who don’t even have a bed to sleep in! So far, A Place to Sleep has given more than 700 families beds and bedding. And The HALO Effect gave Jessica’s organization $10,000 to keep on with the good work!

If you want to help out with Jessica’s A Place to Sleep Charity, she has asked kids to take a selfie of themselves wearing pajamas in a public place, and then share that selfie on Facebook! It’s an easy and fun way to remind people that not every kid is lucky enough to have their own bed at home.

The HALO Effect is partners with, a website full of great ways to get involved and make a difference. You can be inspired by all kinds of ways to help, including making a playlist of songs to remind you to take shorter showers, collecting jeans for homeless youth, or sending a Valentine’s card to an older person, to remind them that someone cares.

You can check out the latest episode of The Halo Effect, and learn more about Jessica, by clicking here!

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