The Iron Horde is Here!

World of Warcraft, Iron Horde!The Iron Horde is Here!


The much anticipated Iron Horde Expansion pack has been released and the wow subscribers couldn’t be more thrilled. The first thing you will undoubtedly notice is the changes made to the characters. Did someone do some Cross-Fit training over the summer? The characters are more animated, more detailed and buff! They say the Iron Horde is coming? These characters look more than prepared for any adversary.


Whether you have been playing World of Warcraft for a long time or just started, you are going to want to participate in all the great changes the new expansion pack has to offer, but much of requires level 90. Blizzard has enabled users to choose one of their characters lower than 90 or create a new character and it will instantly advance or boost them to level 90. The boosted character will have mastered new skills, and have all the gear they need to ready for them for combat.


With the impending threat of the Iron Horde you are going to need extra security and Blizzard gives us just that. You can now build your own home base, right in the middle of all the action. You can customize it how you like it with specialized structures like stables, farms, armories, workshops and more. You can establish trade routes, unlock new quests, loot new high level gear and add new pets to your collection. You can recruit followers to man your base, help you loot dungeons, complete missions, and craft items for you, which can be completed for you even when you are offline.


The new questing system is pretty great! It is a much more flexible system allowing you to explore the land while meeting heroes and battling villains you may have heard of in tale. In addition to having more choice as to when and where you are questing, you will find that any quest can randomly yield rare or epic items.


Draenor is a place known for it’s twin moons and smog. There are lots of wheels which cover the land and why not? The land is made of magma, stone, metal, steam and the blood and sweat from those working the earth. There are lots of unusual creatures, including the spike-skinned gronn, winged arakkoa and the vicious saberon. As you travel to the edges of the world you will find even more usual creatures who will seek you out to kill and feast upon.

The inhabitants consist of Draenei refugees and Iron Horde’s slaves. The Dranei refugees have built a coastal foothold, complete with libraries and worship halls to keep alive the knowledge of their civilization. The Iron Horde’s slaves work the engines of war to direct them at the Draenei and those of the worlds beyond them.

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