The Shaun the Sheep Movie

The Shaun the Sheep MovieThe Shaun the Sheep Movie

What happens when a flock of fun-seeking sheep take a day off?  A fun-filled adventure! The Shaun the Sheep Movie tells the story of a flock of wooly friends that decide to take a day off the farm. But when their farmer ends up lost in the big city, they have to work together to rescue him and help bring him home.

The Shaun the Sheep Movie is based on a British TV series by the same name. The movie is made using Claymation, and it is very different from most other movies in one special way—there is no dialogue (talking) in the movie! That means the action is all shown through the characters’ movements and expressions, so getting the characters’ motions just right was very important to the filmmakers.

Richard Starzak, one of the filmmakers, says that having no dialogue in the film was the biggest challenge in making it. They had to show what the animals were thinking through vocal sounds, like grunts and growls, and through how they moved. They filmmakers did a great job, and the movie is full of physical comedy and sight gags.  In one scene, the sheep go to a restaurant, but they eat the menus instead! Starzak says, “We had to learn an awful lot about how to tell stories with no dialogue cinematically. Comedy is a very serious business!”

Because so much of the story is told with motions, getting the timing right for the funny scenes was very important. Mark Burton, the movie’s other director, said the team learned how to time the motions by studying some of the great, silent comedy actors.  “We learned a lot about comedy timing through watching the silent films of the masters like Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton,” he said.

Shaun the Sheep has been getting great reviews, and it’s the kind of movie the whole family can enjoy. In fact, the movie is doing so well, the studios that created it are working together to make another stop-motion movie, called Early Man! Watch for it, coming soon!

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