The Titanosaur – World’s Biggest Dinosaur

The Titanosaur - World's Biggest DinosaurThe Titanosaur – World’s Biggest Dinosaur

The world’s largest dinosaur has been spotted in New York!  The Titanosaur skeleton is on display at the American Museum of Natural History, and it sure takes up a lot of room. This skeleton is important, because it belong to the biggest dinosaur ever known.

The Titanosaur belongs to the same family of dinosaurs as the Brontosaurus. It had a long neck and long tail, and a big, wide body. But this big brother was the biggest of all the dinosaurs! It weighed 70 tons when it was alive (that’s as much as ten elephants), and stood 20 feet tall and 122 feet long. In fact, it was so big, it couldn’t fit in the museum room. The team had to set up the Titanosaur skeleton with its body in one room and its head and neck sticking out the door.

This Titanosaur skeleton was found by a farmer in a desert in Argentina. He was tending to his sheep, when he noticed something strange about the rocky ledge nearby. Since other dinosaur fossils have been found in the area before, he decided to call in the scientists. He told them he thought he had found a fossil, and he was right! That rocky ledge his sheep had been standing on was really an 8-foot long dinosaur thigh bone.

The research team came in, and very carefully they dug up 233 fossils. They were very excited to find so many bones to one skeleton, because usually they only find a few.  Diego Pol, one of the paleontologists who help uncover the bones, said, “After a few days working, we realized it was huge. Sometimes there’s a piece that doesn’t lead to anything, and sometimes you are lucky and find a fantastic set of bones.”

If you want to know more about the Titanosaur, check out this video from the American Museum of Natural History.

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