The Whodunit Detective Agency Comes to the U.S.

The Whodunit Detective Agency Comes to the U.S.The Whodunit Detective Agency Comes to the U.S.

If you like stories about best friends and mysteries, then the Whodunit Detective Agency series is for you. The books follow Jerry and Maya, best friends who also run a detective agency in their town. The books have been made into TV shows and movies and have been translated into more than 30 languages. They are even being featured in a museum, but many of us in the U.S. have never heard of them. That’s all about to change, though, because now Jerry and Maya are headed to the states!

Written by Swedish author Martin Widmark, the books in The Whodunit Mystery series have been bestsellers in Sweden for years. The books are aimed at readers seven through ten, and are filled with fun, colorful illustrations.  Each story is about a different mystery that takes place in the small town of Pleasant Valley.  Jerry and Maya solve the mysteries in their spare time, often helping out the town police chief who can’t seem to solve them on his own.

The town of Pleasant Valley, where Jerry and Maya live, is based on Martin Widmark’s real hometown in Sweden, and he says Jerry and Maya are a mixture of all the children he’s known. His books have been bestsellers all over the world, which Mr. Widmark says is because c hildren are the same all over the world. “Children are curious, children like to solve crimes and be intelligent.”

Martin Widmark has written more than 60 books for children and teenagers. There are already 27 books in the Whodunit series, and he’s still writing more!  Only five are available in the U.S. right now, but don’t worry—more are on the way!

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