Three New Toys in the Toy Hall of Fame!Three New Toys in the Toy Hall of Fame!

They’ve fought pretend battles, tested our brains and floated around at hundreds of birthday parties. And now, these old friends have been invited to join the Hall of Fame—the Toy Hall of fame, that is! This year, Little Green Army Men, Rubik’s Cube and Bubbles were the latest inductees into the National Toy Hall of Fame.  This year’s toys will join other famous toys in the Toy Hall of Fame, including Mr. Potato Head, the slinky and the ball.

Getting into the Toy Hall of Fame is not easy. Army Men and Bubbles have been on the list for two years, hoping for enough votes to get in, and the Rubik’s Cube had to wait for five years! For a toy to be considered, it has to be considered iconic, or classic.  That means the toy must be more than a passing fad and has to be at least 20 years old. A Hall of Fame toy also has to bring a feeling of discovery and creativity. It has to let us play with our imaginations!  And, last, the toy must be new or innovative in some way. It must stand out from all the others.

Some toys in the Toy Hall of Fame prove that imagination is more important than fancy plastic. The stick and the cardboard box are both in the hall, and so are the blanket and Crayola crayons. This year, paper airplanes and pots and pans were nominated, but they didn’t get chosen.  Better luck next year!

Anyone can nominate a toy for the Toy Hall of Fame. If you—or your parents— think you know a toy that should be included, just go to the website and let them know why. It may be the next toy to be declared a legend!

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