Treshelle Edmund ASL Performer and Super Bowl Star

Treshelle Edmund ASL Performer and Super Bowl StarTreshelle Edmund ASL Performer and Super Bowl Star

On February 1, Treshelle Edmund performed at the Super Bowl—but not as a player or a cheerleader. Treshelle, who has been deaf since birth, was asked to sign the national anthem and “America the Beautiful” before the beginning of the big game.

Performing at the Super Bowl was a great honor, but it was not Treshelle’s first time performing for a crowd. In fact, it was not even her first time on a football field! Treshelle was an All Star and All American Cheerleader while she was in college. She is also talented actress, and has appeared in Glee and House as well on stage with the Deaf West Theater.

Treshelle discovered her love of acting and performing when she was very young. Her grandmother liked to play music from her old records and sing the songs to her. Treshelle was drawn to the energy and emotions in her grandmother’s singing, and would dance along with her. When Treshelle was in fourth grade, she had her first solo performance. “I was very nervous,” she says, “but that is when I realized that I love performing. I enjoy giving a performance that profoundly affects any audience that is watching me.”

Treshelle’s performance at the Super Bowl gave her the chance to perform in front of her largest audience so far, but she has even bigger plans! She will be acting in the play Spring Awakening this May with the Deaf West Theater, and she hopes to eventually perform in movies. Treshelle also spends a lot of her time helping people in the community, and she has even been given awards from the City of Los Angeles for her work with the DEAFestival-Los Angeles and her volunteer work with the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

Treshelle’s advice to young people who want to be a performance artist is to do what you love, be confident, and give every performance with your whole heart. “Believe in yourself first, before anyone else can believe in you,” she says.

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