Use Your Spoon and Eat it Too!

Use Your Spoon and Eat it Too!Use Your Spoon and Eat it Too!

How would you like to eat your dishes instead of washing them? Well, thanks to a new company called Bakey’s, soon you may be able to eat your spoon and help keep trash out of landfills.

The Bakey’s company was started by Narayana Peesapaty, an Indian inventor who wanted to find a way to reduce how many plastic spoons and forks get tossed in the trash each year. Many people all over the world like to get food to go. But then, when they are finished with the plastic spoon or fork, it just gets thrown away. So what if you could eat your spoon, instead?

The edible spoon from Bakey’s is made of a mixture of rice, millet and wheat. The different ingredients are made into a dough that is then formed into the spoon shape and baked. After they have been baked, the spoons are tough enough to be used with any food you would usually eat with a spoon—even soup or cereal. Even though they are edible, the spoon will stay together long enough for you to enjoy your meal, without falling apart.

One of the coolest things about the spoons is that they come in different flavors. Try a ginger-cinnamon spoon with your ice cream, or a cumin-flavored spoon with soup.  Other flavors include sugar, mint-ginger, black pepper and carrot-beetroot. The spoons also have a long shelf-life (can be stored) for up to three years. And, if you don’t want to eat the spoon, it will decompose in just a few days after it has been opened.

Bakey’s set up a Kickstarter campaign to help them raise money for their edible cutlery company, and they raised a huge amount of money in just a few days. With that money, they were able to open their first factory in India. They have sold almost 1.5 million spoons since then, and the company has plans to make more edible cutlery, like forks and chopsticks. Bakey’s founder Peesapathy hopes to sell more of his edible cutlery around the world, helping to save resources with good taste!

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